Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Pro is a high-speed mobile browser. The application in the opportunities has impressive advantage not only over normal browsers, but also over other programs with the same opportunities.

Among the main features of Puffin Pro not only improbable if to compare to other browsers, the speed of downloading and an output of pages, but also inclusion in work of the most advanced multimedia standards and a security system which high level, will not reach other applications for today.

The browser puts into the operation a set of the modes, the simulator of a computer mouse for high-precision management of some details and the mode which will be convenient for browser games.

Puffin Browser Pro

The browser with an impressive separation overtook the fellows. It not just works better them. After use of the program пуффин about the user it will be inconvenient to use other browsers.

The main secret is concealed in a special cloud technology. Other browsers do not involve them in the work therefore regardless of on what cunnings there are developers, their high-speed indicators are limited to resources of the smartphone.

Puffin Pro involves the remote server, forcing it to be engaged in execution of the most difficult tasks, and after receiving from it qualitative and fast result. It turns out that, the smartphone acts as the display for the smart computer which is installed in the remote network.

Improbable opportunities of the browser with simplicity and high speed to show big pages which from time to time hardly give in to loading even of the computer are also explained by it.

The browser not just sends a request for the server of these pages. It will function only with the personal server which already and will send a request to required pages.

Puffin Browser Pro apk

The server organizes any content for your smartphone which in an effect, will be arranged and go to the mobile device. Economy the Internet of traffic and, in the investigation, reaches increase in high-speed qualities the level of 90%.

Processing of above-mentioned scenarios on the most mobile device is the paramount reason of all brakes and delays and also fast dischargings of the rechargeable battery during surfing.

The server involves the most advanced version of the Flash-player in work. Puffin also provides the storage in which it will be possible to save the necessary information, passing third-party devices and pages.

The others a solution in an above-mentioned case will demand from the user of excess work: the file is downloaded on the smartphone, and then sent from it in storage.

That is, even in that case if the user does not need data access from the smartphone, and he wants to leave it only in cloudy storage, you will need to load it.

And with Puffin Pro the user will be able to load any information with a capacity up to one gigabyte into a cloud. Speed of downloading and movement at the same time will be very big, and not tied to connection speed.

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