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At the moment Auto Chess is the most attractive game. Though Auto Chess is just user DOTA 2 card, now it surpassed an original game.

It is popular thanks to the creative strategy of a gameplay which will force players to think in various situations.

To win a game, players need a little good luck and tactics of management of familiar heroes, as in Dota 2.

Auto Chess Mobile app

Thanks to existence of Auto Chess DOTA 2 suddenly again became attractive, despite the period of small recession.

The gameplay of Auto Chess Mobile a little in what differs from the version for the personal computer. Perhaps, a difference in the mechanism of management which is suitable for the touch screen. If you the new player, you have a few difficulties how to play and how to win first place.

At the beginning of the game 8 players will battle, each player has a chessboard 8×8 and the courier donkey. The courier exposes heroes on a board and collects objects in a backpack.

Your purpose to buy heroes for coins which can be received at murder of crepes or opponents. The opponent will be chosen in a random way. At first you to be necessary to be bought the hero and to move him on your chessboard 4х8.

Auto Chess Mobile apk

With 1st to the 3rd round the player will battle against crepes. With 4 on 9 round you will battle against opponents. And from the 10th round and further, the player will beat the boss each 5 rounds.

When you kill crepes and bosses, you receive new objects for the hero. Besides, there are several objects which you can connect together to create more powerful subject.

After each round you can receive experience points to increase the level that is important as allows you to get new heroes. Besides, you can use gold to buy new heroes or to increase level quicker.

At the first heroes by default – 1 level. When you use 3 heroes on a board, they will amplify, thereby forming 1 hero of the second level, etc.

Instructions for installing Auto Chess and registering an account

  1. Download the APK from the link below;
  2. Register on the link;

Download Auto Chess Mobile for Android

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