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Who first of all can be presented when you think of kindness, mutual aid and humility.

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Probably, someone will remember the grandmother or the nurse, but nuns match most of all such description.

The women who devoted the life of this hard fate a little in whom in real life cause some negative feeling, and especially fear.

But developers of the game “Evil Nun” are ready to try to dissuade you from inoffensiveness of these modest lovely good-natured ladies.

Evil Nun is terrifying…

What forces to like feeling of tranquility in the presence of novices of monasteries?

For certain their humble person without cosmetics framed with a white tape of their black dress.

But this image will be replaced suddenly if the owner of a monastic cassock concludes the bargain with the demon or a devil and will lose the kind soul. In this case her face will be saddened by a grimace of horror and desire to kill all whom will want or will see.

In Evil Nun you will be able to appear together with the character on that side of the monitor of your gadget in the terrible and thrown nursing home.

But yet not it is terrible, in cores blood first a presentiment, and then and understanding really forces to stiffen that in the building still someone is.

And this someone does not pursue good intentions, its purpose is ruthless extermination of all who have the luck to appear among these walls. The purpose of the hero, naturally, to be selected live of this gloomy building.

The being in vestments of the infernal nun will try not to allow it in every way. All hears the gloomy ghost and it is not so simple to disappear from it so it is necessary to try not to catch sight to the dark opponent and also was able to seize the moments when this a demonic entity turns away or will distract.

You should solve interesting puzzles thanks to what you will be able to move between locations as which classes and other rooms of a nursing home will serve.

Terribly what it is initially difficult to hero to assume as in general it is possible to resist to the devil opponent so it is necessary to be guided on the course of events, relying only on cunning and sharpness.

A couple of hours in Evil Nun will force you to sweat from heat of the events happening to your character.

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