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What Is Fleksy And Also The Best Ways To Utilize It?

We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable pathway accident brought on by texting while walking. San Francisco-based Fleksy app aims to assist us keep our eyes on the road, emergency room, sidewalk, while still allowing us type away.

This new key-board app for Android (complimentary for very first month, $3.99 one-time fee after) and also iOS (totally free) are the entire buzz considering that their recent release. However is it time to ditch your existing key-board for Fleksy? Prior to you make the button, make sure you’ve got all your truths right.

 Just What is Fleksy?

A: Fleksy is a key-board app for iphone and also Android that lets you type without considering your screen. When you make errors in your inputting, Fleksy’s impressively intuitive text-prediction engine rapidly solutions your mumbo jumbo with what you meant to kind. It additionally replaces usual activities, such as room as well as delete, with touch motions so you do not need to search for the switch on-screen.

Exactly what can I use Fleksy with?

A: Android customers could decide to use Fleksy app as their default key-board device-wide by adjusting their settings.

Since Apple’s key-board could not be changed or replaced, you’ll have to open your Email, Messaging, Facebook and twitter apps within Fleksy (only these 4 options are supported today) to begin using the keyboard in those programs.

Various other iphone applications, such as text-editor Wordbox, Introduce Center Pro, Google Voice client GV Connect as well as Yelp-like BlindSquare, have partnered with Fleksy to use it as an incorporated keyboard choice, so you simply need to change key-boards within these apps to utilize it. Till more applications offer Fleksy, you’ll simply have to utilize the app to compose your messages. You could also type, and afterwards copy and paste right into various other programs not currently supported within the application.

Just how do I utilize Fleksy?

A: Set up the application from the iphone or Google Play shop and also open it on your gadget. Type as you would certainly on a routine keyboard as well as don’t worry about making blunders. Kind with your eyes shut if you such as– Fleksy apk takes care of blunders with its auto complete engine and also, you don’t have to take a look at your display to insert a space or remove words.

Flick right to place a space and delegated erase. Flick right two times to add punctuation, such as periods and commas, and also scroll via recommended entrances by flipping down. Over time, as you obtain even more accustomed to the tips, you’ll keep in mind exactly the number of times to swipe to obtain the icon you want.

Fleksy’s forgiving forecast algorithm likewise precisely thinks exactly what you suggested to type. Without looking, we tried to type “Hi there, Tomsguide visitor” and went into “Gdkki ghdds gjndghkfe readrt.” Fleksy turned that babble into “Hello there gjndghkfe viewers,” which is remarkably precise.

The application likewise has an unseen key-board that’s completely clear so it doesn’t cover your view of an image listed below it. You do not see any keys at all and also merely hit where you assume they tricks could be in the bottom third of your screen. Entering on the unnoticeable key-board returned in a similar way precise results on Fleksy apk.

Just what do I need for Fleksy?

A: An Android or iOS device, $3.99 (if you make use of Android, cost-free for iOS customers), a thumb as well as a bit of confidence to go completely eyes-free.

Download Fleksy Keyboard latest version

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