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All you need to know about ViewSter

There are very few applications for mobile phone which provide you with the access to Anime content.

ViewSter is one such mobile application which not only provides you with access to this content but also provides you with a lot of options.


Some of the options which are ViewSter provides you are:

-Anime shows
-Geeky documentaries
-sci-fi movies
-Gaming series videos

As you can see, the content which is offered by the state is a bit different but it is also much more entertaining and unique as compared to the other entertainment mobile applications.

Features of ViewSter app:

-You would not be required to sign up. You can just download and start viewing.
-The anime section’s ever-growing
-Hand-picked the content in other sections
-Easy to navigate through the content
-Newsfeed style of navigation
-Featured content option to easily find the best content
-Separate feature to add content to watch later


Considering these features, you can be sure that once you are downloading the application, you would be able to find a wide variety of content and you would be able to pick the type of content which you would like the most. The application is also being continuously updated which makes it more user-friendly with newer features always being introduced.

Installation process:

Normally, a lot of users are not experienced in the installation of such entertainment applications.

However, when you’re looking into the installation of ViewSter, it is amazingly simple. The installation neither would be taking a lot of time on part of the user nor a lot of effort.

1. You have to 1st to download the application from the android play store or the Apple Store.

2. After that, you would be prompted with the installation and the permissions tab.

3. Once the installation starts, you have to let it run fully.

4. After the installation, you can click on the open button and the application would open.

5. After that, you have to select the content which you want to watch.


The installation process would be over within a couple of minutes.


Once the installation process is over, you can directly start viewing the movies and documentaries which you prefer. The navigation is pretty seamless.

So, if you’re looking for anime content or some unique content for your entertainment than ViewSter is one of the perfect options for you.

Download Viewster for android

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