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Naked Browser – Lightweight web internet browser with nice attributes

Naked browser for Google Android is currently my preferred complimentary Google Android web internet browser due to the fact that it is very light-weight, and still has all the attributes which I want like the option to establish its address bar internet search engine to almost any personalized search engine by pasting the internet search engine keyword web link like right into the search URL Web link settings in Naked browser settings.

The option to change the internet search engine for the address bar is useful if you make use of a less popular online search engine like or, a privacy concentrated search engine like Duckduckgo, Startpage, as well as IXquick, or a benefits based online search engine like Swagbuck’s Browse, Mypoints, as well as Advantage which provides you compensate points which you could retrieve for rewards or cash for browsing on their internet search engine when you are likewise logged into your user make up their internet search engine.

Naked Browser additionally have numerous various other useful functions like tabs, adjustable tab line height, address bar, book markings, rate dial book marks, book marks export/backup, history, undo closed tab, Collision bring back, infinite tabs, individual agent changer, assistance for flash, JavaScript, mobile video clip on YouTube, and also other video clip sites. Naked browser is free, as well as has no promotion, or app recommendations.

There are also touch gestures to make utilizing Naked browser easier with one hand. Moving your finger from the delegated right shows the book marks supervisor, touching on the existing tab once will certainly closes the tab.

Various Other Touch Gestures

  • One finger zoom: Double-tap and also hold screen, after that swipe left/right to zoom.
  • Reverse close tab: Lengthy press new tab “+” button on Naked browser’s screen.
  • Access tab background: long press current tab switch on screen.
  • Pick an internet search engine for URL bar search: Long press “go” arrow on screen.

Tapping on the menu switch on the Android base system bar will certainly bring up the pop-up menu where you can locate the forward switch, book marks links, desktop/mobile individual representative, changer, fillscreen, sharing, setups, go to top of web page, go to end of page, undo tab close, choose message, discover message internet search engine, tab setups, tab history, downloads supervisor, and also much more.

You use the Back button on the Bottom System bar in Google Android to return a website.

The Capability to share websites on Naked Browser will make it possible for you to share sites to social networking applications, instantaneous messaging, sharing apps like Wi-Fi/Bluetooth sharing apps, as well as offline visitor apps like Pocket, as well as Instapaper.

Naked browser is very steady, as well as never ever crashes or ices up a whole lot when I use it on my older Asus Nexus 7 2012 tablet with a 1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage space, Wi-Fi connection, as well as Google Android 5.1 Lollipop as its os.

Naked browser also runs much better than the routine Android internet browser, and other third-party internet browsers which I tried out my very old 2011 Kobo Vox 8GB wifi eReader tablet computer with Google Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Os, 800 MHz Single Core CPU, 512MB RAM, as well as 8GB of storage space.

Naked browser runs very promptly even when several internet site tabs are opened at the same time. Mobile sites, and huge desktop variations of large web sites like YouTube, and Yahoo only take a few secs to totally pack when I am connected to my house wifi net link from my more affordable cordless N router which is linked to my 10-15 Mbps wire net connection.

Up and down scrolling backwards and forwards both mobile and also desktop computer internet sites is likewise quite smooth with hardly any or no lag. On-line video clip streaming from sites like YouTube is fast, as well as I don’t experience much buffering, and also lag issues. Fullscreen videos also play smoothly without stagnation troubles.

I likewise have Fast Web page Rendering activated in Naked Browser’s setups. Rapid Page Rendering seem making Naked browser lots pages quicker, as well as I don’t experience any type of crashes as well as ices up even when it is switched on.

I likewise established the Tab Caching Limit to 2 in Naked Browser settings, so I utilize much less RAM. I likewise don’t really utilize tabs, so I do not need a high number for Tab Caching.

Naked browser also does not make use of any type of additional information when you are not using it to fill websites since it is ad-free, and does not load app recommendations behind-the-scenes, or homepage.

There are likewise no pre-loading functions which could utilize a lot of background information by preloading links in the background. It likewise does not send out data back to the programmer’s site like other internet browser manufacturers which send Anonymous usage information which could make your internet browser make use of more information, slower, and consume even more battery life.

Naked Browser app does not drain my tablet’s battery extremely quickly since I can use it for lots of hrs until the battery runs out.

A lot of web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc look good on Naked Browser. Naked browser likewise has a Wide viewport that makes sites simpler to see. It is feasible to alter the message dimension of web sites in Naked browser Text Size Settings, as well as disable pictures, JavaScript, cookies, etc in Naked browser to make websites run much faster, make use of much less RAM, and have an even more personal internet experience.

The flat minimalistic, black, and customizable user interface of naked browser looks respectable. The Tabs, address bar, as well as buttons do not take up a great deal of display room, as well as there is also a fillscreen mode in the food selection which conceal the standing bar to search websites in fullscreen mode.

There is likewise a home switch in the address bar. The house switch will certainly bring me back to my homepage, and I could establish the homepage to any internet site in the homepage setups. I set my homepage to around: blank generally due to the fact that I don’t utilize my homepage, as well as a blank web page loads the quickest since there is nothing to lots.

There is also a Go/enter button on the right of the address bar. The Go button is useful if your keyboard is minimized, as well as you have to push Go to load an internet site. The Go switch can also be utilized as a refresh, and stop button when a web site is filled.

I such as that I could establish the tab bar upright height to 2 as well as even more lines of message in Naked browser setups. I establish the tab bar size to 3 lines of message since I use Naked browser in Portrait/vertical setting on my 7 inch tablet computer, so 3 line on tabs are less complicated to touch on after I set the tab height to 3 lines.

I could likewise see more of the website title on the tab message area. The tabs additionally reveal me the portion of the web site which is loaded which is better than a computer animated loading icon. I such as that there is likewise a leave switch in the menu to totally exit Naked Browser, so it is not running in the background when I am not using it, and also to close all open tabs by touching on the leave button on Naked browser’s bottom food selection.

There are no ads, spyware, and application referrals in naked browser. It additionally just have a couple of approvals should search the web like the authorization to access the web, so you do not need to fret about Naked Browser reviewing your sms message, as well as e-mails like various other apps which has tons of unwanted permissions to review your info.

It is additionally straightforward to remove my background, cache, cookies, as well as HTML5 surfing data in the Information settings for Naked Browser. I can set naked browser to instantly remove my cookies, cache, history, as well as HTML5 data after I press the departure switch in Naked browser’s lower food selection.

Cleaning all your browsing information safeguards your privacy on your tool, and often makes your gadget run quicker, and also extra secure since your device has even more vacuum after you erased all your personal browsing data.

It is likewise feasible to transform the default internet search engine to an exclusive search engine in the Search engine settings for Naked Browser.

Naked browser likewise uses the Google Android WebView (WebKit) engine which gets on Google Android stock internet browser. All data requests & retrievals, cookies, passwords, and so on are taken care of by the WebView and Naked Browser does not interfere with the default behavior.

Naked browser is a quick, light-weight, simple, and steady mobile web internet browser for searching the web faster from your Google Android smart device, and tablet.

Naked browser is just 115K in size, and works with Google Android 2.1, and also up.


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